Yesterday I attended the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and it was awesome. It was at the Toronto Reference Library downtown, and after navigating the subway, we arrived to a surprisingly quiet room of people browsing rows of tables filled with indie art. We joked that everyone was busy reading and scared to make noise in the library.

There were so many things to see! I'm not really a big comic book person myself, but I've always been an admirer. If only I could draw as good myself I'd probably be doing that than making pictures with words, haha. We saw my friend Colleen, who was selling her wares at table 118. We also attended a panel called Comics in Strange Places. It was dominated by Chip Zdarsky, a really funny newspaper comic. I guess I never really thought of newspaper comic artists following the same journalism ethics as the other reporters in the office, and there were some interesting discussions about things they were either free to make jokes about/draw, and the things they weren't allowed to touch. (nudists and seniors; mocking other artists' styles respectively)

The other panel we attended was about Kill Shakespeare, the new comic book series coming out. It's these guys who took some of Shakespeare's heroes and pitted them against Shakespeare's villians, while they fight to save or kill Shakespeare himself. The artwork is really cool and it seems like an interesting concept, though the first issue was pretty short--45 pages. Though the artist at the panel said that he did the whole comic in a month--45 pages in one month. That's like...roughly 2 pages a day. So much work! Apparently it's sold out in Toronto and New York and Delaware. Lucky for them, Shakespeare already having a built in audience. Very sneaky, and very smart. ;)

Makes me want to take drawing classes. Or just capture Jessie and feed her my story ideas and make her draw them. Muahahaha you will never escape!

Or I guess I could build her a tower as part of my mansion, for her studio. AND LOCK HER INSIDE IF SHE DOESN'T DO MY BIDDING MUAHAHAHAHA.

Please draw me pretty pictures now? :)