This Christmas my family and I are going to Europe!

I'm so excited!

We're doing this trip here, called European Highlights.

Basically, we go to London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany and Paris.

So, in preparation for this trip, I would really like to brush up on my french.

The BBC languages website is really useful. You can find lots of activities and videos for pretty much any language you would ever want to learn.

I also found this other website called Yabla French Immersion TV online. Unfortunately you have to subscribe, but there are some free demo videos. What a good idea for a business. Attractive website, too.

Lastly, I found these videos on Youtube that were kind of interesting. They show trailers for French movies and then quiz you for comprehension.

Here's one for a french movie called Ce soir je dors chez toi ("Tonight I Sleep with You").

Later: I found that the guy who does the Youtube videos has a lot of other videos on how to learn French too. This is his website.