Web Series Writing Month!

I just noticed the ad on this blog is advertising something cool, and I am totally writing this on my own free will, as I love everything writing related.

You guys all know about NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month? Well Web Series Writing Month is where creators of online serials in all formats commit to an ambitious updating schedule. It's not a fixed goal, as all web serials are different, but pushing yourself to new limits is recommended.

If only I weren't doing Enterprise (our last assignment that requires us to create a publishing company, its titles, its marketing campaign, etc, and present it to industry leaders, like president of HarperCollins I think!) during August, I'd be totally all over this myself. We'll see, depending on what job I get--hopefully something web-related.

I am planning on doing the 3-Day novel contest and NaNoWriMo, though. Any one else gonna jump on those bandwagons?

Chizine Publications

Guess who is the new intern at Chizine Publications???

Oui, moi!

Chizine is a publisher of dark sci/fi fantasy/horror fiction. They're only about 2 years old but they already have like 13-14 titles. Sooo excited to start working for them and flex my editorial and marketing/publicity skills!

They're also accepting manuscripts! Hmmmmmm.... ;)


So, this is the coolest thing ever.

Ever want to read something on the internet but be constantly distracted by ads and flashy pictures?

Well, no longer!

Introducing, READABILITY!

Basically, it turns this...

...into this!

And it's so easy to install. You literally drag the icon onto your bookmarks toolbar. That's it. You can also customize the text size and background colour and margin width.

Now you don't have to buy a Kindle or an Ipad. Just read everything on your screen.

Soooo pretty.

Writing Reviews

A few days ago in class we were talking about how to write book reviews.

I'm a loyal viewer of The Escapist, and there's one guy that does movie reviews. I really like his style.

This guy is also HILARIOUS, but he combines dark humour with surprisingly insightful points. He also might have too much time on his hands:

(This goes on for like 7 parts. It's totally awesome).

I guess my point is that reviews--book or not--don't have to be serious. They should be entertaining and have some sass, so that readers will return to your site and read/listen to your opinion.


So I'm half way through my Creative Book Publishing program at Humber College. I feel like I've learned a lot and I'm pretty up on what's up in the publishing world. I'm itching to start my own company but I know I have to get experience somewhere else first.

Enter, internships.

I think I'd like a place that publishes young adult fiction, as that's what I like to write and read and eventually hopefully publish someday. I'd also like a place that appreciates fantasy and SF (what's up with not calling it sci/fi anymore, guys?). And/or, ebook publishing. That's exciting. I've already queried a couple of places, and I'm excited to hear back.

I've chosen my specializations for the course as well. You can chose between Editorial, Marketing and Agenting. I chose Editorial and Marketing. I did consider Agenting, because it gives you a really great in-depth look at rights and contracts from a writer's perspective, but I decided in the end that I wanted to learn more about editing. If only we could take all three.

I'm also taking an advanced technology workshop that hopefully goes more indepth about creating websites and putting together ebooks. Granted, most of the class is taking this optional workshop, so hopefully the prof will have enough time to go through everything he wants to do.

Just two more weeks of modules, and then specializations begins, and so does the second half of the course. Can't wait!!


So you're a new author whose manuscript has been fished out of the slush pile. The editor reads it, and falls in love. Suddenly you're about to be published.

You're so lucky, says the publishing company. You are chosen.

I don't like this attitude. I'm not saying that every company has it. It's just annoying and frustrating to think that Luck is the only determining factor of someone publishing my--or anyone's--book.

Especially in this day and age, when anyone can publish anything on the internet, or with POD technology.


I forget where I am sometimes.

In class, they'll talk about being Here, and mention That Place on That Street. I think, Hmm, I wonder how far that is from Fenwick.

And then I remember, wait, I'm not in Halifax.

So like those annoying GPSes, I recalculate.

You are in Toronto, my internal Google Maps says. Toronto, Ontario. The Centre of the Country.

And yet, I'm surrounded by fresh air and lakes and bachelor ducks.

Nope, I'm in a publishing bubble, around people like me who don't talk like me but understand the urge to push content into the public sphere. I like it here and it's easy to forget a world exists outside of this. I would really rather not leave.

Well that's something I thought I'd never say... :P